Kjell Engmann

Sandstøbt glasskulptur monteret på smedejernsfod.  Unika

Since Kjell Engman's pieces make great demands of his own skills as an artisan, proximity to the blowing rooms and engraving studios is essential. He and his family therefore live in a tiny village in the deep Småland forest. Here there is everything that he, an artist for whom glass has become the supreme medium, could wish for-a far cry from his days in art college when anything he wanted to make in glass had to pass through the ceramics furnace. It was, in fact, while he was still struggling at art school that the diverse talents of this determined young jack-ofall-trades were first discovered by Kosta Boda, and even today diversity is one of his hallmarks. But whether he is concentrating on an intimate miniature or creating a massive glass sculpture for a public commission, all Kjell Engman's pieces share one thing in common-distinctive personality, in which fantasy and form come together in glass.

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