Bertil Valin

ONE OF THE GREAT NAMES! Esprit and creativity are qualities that shine through Bertil Vallien's glassware, and his imagination seems to know no bounds. Internationally well-known he has received many flattering honours. 1980 in japan he was voted one of the world's leading designers.
Bertil Vallien works with several different techniques at Afors glassworks, belonging to Kosta Boda. He blows, sand-blasts, casts and uses moon-gold. Sometimes adds other materials, plays with net and line effects. Flying men with hats on, symbols and demons fill his colourful surfaces.
And all the time Bertil is one step ahead; an ambassador of glass too, with frequent exhibitions and lectures throughout the world. In the summer he teaches at Pilchuck, the famous glass college in USA.
An artist of many talents, who also expresses himself in other materials. Over the last few years, Bertil Vallien's boat-shaped sculptures with their mythological cargoes frozen in glass have attracted widespread attention.

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